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On January 28, 2022 I purchased the E Jeep Scooter with options for $8595. The site states orders can take 3-4 months. While I’d hoped for 3 months, the time came and went. After the 4th month, I still hadn’t heard from them so I called.

I was informed the shipment was delayed. I had to accept that as there were many news stories about the issues with shipping delays. The shipment arrived in July and I was told it would still be another 3 weeks to get someone to the port to inspect the shipment and arrange for delivery.

I called after 3 weeks and was told that it was being held in customs. So I waited. About a month later I was told that the E Jeep wasn’t on board and that the manufacturer had not included them in the shipment despite the order. I wasn’t happy about this but what choice did I have?

The next shipment arrived November 2, 2022. I questioned the lady on the phone and asked if I’d have my scooter by end of month. She told me no as they had to get someone to inspect the shipment and arrange delivery. So I said, by mid-December? She stated that sounded about right. So I waited but with the holidays they got a few more days.


When I called I was told that the shipment was being held up in customs. I don’t believe this. I’ve been down this road. Even if they are telling the truth, which I doubt, and they released the shipment today, I wouldn’t get the item until the first week of January. 3 weeks shy of the one year mark.

The most shameful part of this is that I’m not the only complaint. I fought 10 years for my veteran’s compensation and was so happy to have a home again and even though I wasn’t on a bus route, I could still have my freedom with this scooter. I’ve been stuck at home, reliant on others or having to spend more money to go anywhere.

And if I don’t get this scooter, I will have to pay more than $1200 with less features for a different one from someone else and still have to wait for a few months. They don’t contact me about delays and emails go unanswered. This company is scamming the elderly, disabled, and veterans.

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