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And this person will never recover and they have been waiting 14 months after a work injury working for an employer and the State of Arizona in St David and in every other state in the Union of the United States of America.

within one week of an injury date when it is reported and the ambulance picks the injured worker up and take them to the hospital where they must receive serious surgery the injured worker they receive a paycheck within two weeks and their medical Bills start getting paid in one week.

but in the state of Arizona this person has not been paid any income and has not received any of his medical Bills paid and this poor man is being harassed 24/7 by Bill collectors – hospitals – ambulance and regular care doctors because workers compensation has not paid any of them.

America needs to stop functioning as a third world country. And when an illegal immigrant that pays no money into our tax system gets hurt everything is covered.

Found At: The State of Arizona Review

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