United States Government Review

A 30-second phone call takes over 45 minutes 20 times a day when I have to contact people because their answer machine all machines made by China state to me after a 15 minute message States if this is an emergency hang up and dial 911.

Whatever the government is spring in the air that’s making people this stupid that they actually have to leave this on a recorded message before going through the phone maze for 20 minutes for 30 second phone call.

This is ridiculous, if people need to be told that they need to just crawl under a rock and die the government needs to stop spraying stupid gas in the air when nobody has a proper thinking anymore to figure that out.

The government has made it where there are no live people on the phone anymore it’s all computerized this country has gone to Sh*t in a handbasket…. It is absolutely amazing on how stupid American citizens have become where you have to go through a phone maze and you have to be told if this is an emergency hang up and dial 911.

America is an embarrassment a dysfunctional embarrassment because TV and the internet has made people this stupid. The third world country state of America that I reside in is Arizona and I’m moving to New Mexico and eventually Puerto penasco Mexico the country because America is beyond brain dead.

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