Versace stoner aka vsw Review

Zhang Zhaojun
Investor/Chief Executive Officer
Vastfirm Capital Inc.

Email Addresses:  Zhang Zhaojun <

Mr. Zhang Zhaojun of Vast Firm Capital-Singapore operates by asking the borrower to use an offshore account through the following entities:  RBC offshore (Royal Bank of Canada Offshore).  RBC was reluctant to confirm their legitimacy.

First encountered on March, 2022. I did not forward any fees to anyone. Additional requests by Vast Firm Capital is to open accounts elsewhere , one Canadian company  looks legitimate.  Two other companies are limited on type of transactions.  

Vast Firm and Zhang would not transfer any funds utilizing Swift wire transfer. Inquired with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) which regulates all financial services in Singapore.  No registration. Check website recently created. Poorly prepared emails.

Other names listed in emails:

Dr. Parente Zimmerman, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Highly suspicious.  Have all email communications.


Found At: Vast Firm Capital Review

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