Vivian Dao GLM Developme Review

I was defrauded by this horrible individual when she was the owner of Premium Mortgage Advisors in AZ.  My husband and I lost a fortune in hidden fees and padded loan amounts in a mortgage that Vivian Dao wrote up.  Purposely stealing thousands and thousands from us.  We were one of several people that reported Vivian Dao to the authorities in AZ. 

We were hoping she would go to jail for a long time but she settled and got off from these criminal charges.  The settlement order stated that she would not be allowed to conduct business with financial institutions or reapply for a license. 

My husband and I did not feel that was enough punishment.  We moved to Brentwood CA 2 years ago and recently, to our surprise,  saw Vivian Dao at a local restaurant in West Hollywood.  My husband Dennis was able to ask one of the people she was with what she is doing now.  The girl said Vivian Dao is now a Talent Manager. 

Out of curiosity we looked her up and found out she is now running a different scam with some unknown company called GLM Projects, or GLM Management.  We couldn’t understand how someone who was banned from doing business with financial institutions could now manage finances for talent. 

The more research, the more we found out she is running the same racket in the talent business, taking advantage of people’s dreams.  We will never forgive Vivian Dao for what she did to us and hope this never happens to anyone else.  BE AWARE OF THIS CRIMINAL!

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