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This Company, Water Safe Plumbing, LLC, located at 18210 Paulson Drive, B5, Port Charlotte, FL 33954 acts in unethical & fraudulent business practices. Similar to a previous customer complaint on their website, complaining about similar unethical business practices of this Company.

We had a similar Home Warranty, with First American Home Warranty, that engaged this Company to replace our Hot  Water Heater.

It took Water Safe Plumbing approximately 3 months to semi complete the Hot Water Heater installation on 9/22/22. 

At first, this Company did not want to open a building permit with Collier County, which they should know is required by Collier County, FL on a Hot Water Heater Replacement.

Then they wanted to raise our cost on their stated initial cost of $455 to over $800 to replace our Hot Water Heater. I then called First American Home Warranty to issue a complaint & find a different Contractor, if Water Safe Plumbing, LLC, couldn’t honor their initial $455 stated price for this project.

Apparently, when Water Safe Plumbing was contacted by First American Home Warranty, Water Safe Plumbing agreed to stay with the initial $455 to install & replace our Hot Water Heater, which was done on Thursday, 9/22/22.

As I was in meetings all day, & my phone could not accept VM messages, or emails,  their owner David Crawford, tried to call me & then emailed me on late afternoon, around 3:00 p.m. Thursday, 9/22/22, stating I would need to pay their new $555.50 invoice by  4:30 p.m. that day, Thursday, 9/22/22 (prior to the building permit inspection, schedule at 10:00 a.m the very next day, on Friday, 9/23/22), ; or I would have to pay an additional $120 for a letter he was going to mail me to try to put a Lien on my home for not prompt payment., which I have not seen. 

I emailed the owner, David Crawford, late evening, on Thursday, 9/22/22, when I got back to my home office, to state, I was willing to pay the full amount of $555.50 (which already included $55 for the Permit Fee & $45 for the Permit Inspection Fee), however, NOT until the Inspection was to be completed the next morning , on Friday, 9/23/22 at 10:00.

The Water Heater Replacement Permit Inspection was completed at 10:15 a.m the next morning by a Collier County  Inspector, on Friday, 9/23/22, noting there was a defincincy in how the the side PVC Drain pipe was not installed properly, as it should have been fully extended to bottom drain pan, as it could potentially cause water damage to the home side dry wall, next to the Hot Water Heater.

I told the Inspector, I would personally fix that problem myself, otherwise Safe Water Plumbing would have to come back to fix it themselves to pass the permit inspection & close the permit. The Permit Inspector agreed to my suggestion to fix the problem on my own & issued a final PASS on the Permit Inspection.

As soon as the Permit Inspector Left, I called Water Safe Plumbing to offer to pay the invoiced amount of $555.50 by Credit Card over the phone. The owner, David Crawford came on the call & unlawfully stated I needed to pay an additional $120, or a total of now $675.50 for a letter the Company was going to send me l stating I now needed to pay a larger amount of $675.50, which is a sham!

In any event, I mailed this morning, Friday, 9/23/22, Safe Water Plumbing, a check for the full invoiced inflated  amount of $550.50. immediately, after the Permit County Inspector completed his Inspection of the installation/replacement of the new Hot Water Heater.

This Company, Water Safe Plumbing, LLC needs to loose their Contractors License over this continued unethical & fradulent practices!

I have also filed a complaint with First American Home Warranty Company today, 9/23/22, citing this Company, Water Safe Plumbing should no loner be a preferred Contractor with First American Home Warranty, as this was NOT their first customer complaint for unethical & fradulent business practices.

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