Versace stoner aka vsw Review popped up as an ad when I searched for a book for my son, Wings of Fire bBook 15. The price was better than any of the others, and I purchased the book, only to never receive it. Two weeks after purchasing, I contacted the company via email, and they replied that it was a digital copy that I had bought, even though nowhere on their website does it say anything about digital copies, it says they sell paper and hardback books.

They said there are no refunds for digital copies and that I should’ve received a downloadable link. There was no link sent, and upon further investigation I found 13 other complaints of exactly the same thing. People who reviewed their location of business on Google maps said they were upset that it was advertised as a book they were buying but then later told it was digital copy which they never received.

When I checked my credit card statement, there was a purchase that I did not make for a $300 vanilla dot gift card on that same day that I purchased the book from them. This upsets me and I’m hoping there’s something that can be done so that they don’t rip off more people.

Found At: Zogomom Review – Princeton, IN

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  1. I have not checked my credit card but I will after reading this. I also did not understand I was buying a “digital” book…I contacted them after and told them I am 75 years old (I am) and did not want a digital book and received no offer of a credit back to my credit card. Not a good company as far as I am concerned.

  2. Does seem to go to be true so am glad I checked this website. Book was less than half of other websites.

  3. Check BBB website and you’ll find plenty complaints about Complain through BBB website and hopefully you’ll get your money back.

    The company seemed to advertise hardcover books for about 1/3 of the price and later told people it’s a digital book after you ordered it. They refused to refund you because they “don’t refund digital book”.

    The company seemed to agree to refund the money to people who complained to BBB website. A company like this should be shut down completely!

  4. I just had the same experience with them. I wish I had found the reviews prior to making my purchase. Thank you, I will also be watching my credit card. I have already submitted a review with the BBB.

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