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A few years ago I went into my local rite aid pharmacy. I gave them 2 prescriptions i’ve had filled before on my aetna insurance. A few weeks prior to this I got a new insurance. I had told them my old insurance(aetna) was ending and my new one would now be in effect. They said okay, took the new insurance info, after I paid for a med, all good. Now back to when I gave them the 2 prescriptions I needed to have filled a few weeks after I gave them my new insurance info. They rung up the prescriptions, it was 10$ like normal, I paid it and went on my way.

That next month I try to refill my prescriptions again and they tell me I owe them $480. I said “no no, you must have the wrong person”. They assured me that I owed them 480$. I asked why, and they said that after I had paid for my 2 prescriptions last month, the insurance denied me, and so I have to pay the full price of the two medications.

After further investigating, they had billed my old Aetna insurance last time, and supposedly it went through, but was later denied? But they weren’t even supposed to bill that insurance, they were supposed to bill the new one.

I look into things further and discover that the new insurance(that they never billed) isn’t very good and will only pay a tiny tiny bit of the prescription. If I had known that my prescription would be $480, I would have called my Dr. and gone with an instant release version of the medications I was prescribed. I can take either the extended release or instant release, the Dr. is okay with either.

So I left Rite-aid pharmacy, and started using another pharmacy. Two years later now, I started filling at Rite-Aid again, and they harass me every time me or my wife go in to get a prescription. They even lied to my wife and told her that I said she was going to pay it off, she paid some of it, and then realized they had lied to her when she later talked to me about it.

I’m pretty furious. Now all the sudden my prescriptions are taking much longer to fill, and they told my wife when she went to pick up 2 prescriptions that they had been deleted. The lady then said “oh hold on” and came back a few minutes later saying that the dr. just hadn’t responded, when my dr. is very very quick in responding, usually the same day.

So now they’re starting to screw with us, and this just all seems wrong. If I had known that the pharmacy would mess up my 2 prescriptions and sell me them for 10$, then later tell me I actually owe them $480, I would have gone with the generic instant release of my medications and paid only 30$… but because I had already taken the 2 prescriptions when they sold them to me for $10, now I can’t return the medications. Recently i’ve been paying on it and I have it down to $150, down from $480, but after they told my wife that I said she would pay it off, when I didn’t… and after talking to some people, i’m starting to think that they should have paid for their own mistake. And maybe the money I’ve paid on that bill should be given back to me. At the VERY VERY VERY least, they should have given taken that $480 bill and reduced it to cost(how much they paid for the medicine, without their profit inflation).

Any advice anyone can give me would be great, thank you so much. I’ve never been screwed over at this dollar amount before and I’m pretty irritated.

Found At: Rite Aid – billed insurance I didn’t have, now stuck with expensive med I would have otherwise gone generic

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