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During my stay in Aruba at the RIU Antillas from July 22, 2021 thru July 26, 2021, my stay/room was very uncomfortable, hot, and dangerous with cracks in the foundation of my balcony in room 809 (which make me scared to go out to touch or lean-over the rail to enjoy the view)!? Due to the fact that when I signed-up for my vacation with RIU, nothing was mention the construction that was going on and the air-conditioning was not working properly!? At times, I was not able to sleep, hot all-over the hotel, had headaches of the loud noises, and dust! This was very frustrating and inconveniences! I spent lots of money for good services etc… to travel all the way to Aruba from the United States and was disappointed!? Even some constructions workers said to RIU management that working with vacationers around etc… Wasn’t a good idea, but was told my management to go ahead anyway!? Also when I got ready to leave on July 26, 2021 to the airport on (De Palm Tours) pick-up time 11:30 am, my bag was not loaded and left behind when I got to the airport with was also very much unsatisfactory and inconvenience! My info for contact: Mr. Malachi Tolar

email: [protected]@bellsouth.net
ph. [protected]

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