Rivoli Group

Date of incident: September 1, 2017
Complaint against a staff named Tony who wears eyeglasses.
Branch: Al Ghurair mall in Deira, Dubai, UAE

I visited your Tissot branch in Al Ghurair mall to ask for the current price of Tissot T-race though I already have one Tissot T-race and a Rado Florence, bought from your kiosk in Lamcy Plaza and Al Ghurair branch, some years ago.

To my surprise, as I entered your shop in Al Ghurair, there was a staff named Tony who never bothered to greet nor smile nor assist me, as your customer. When I was about to ask the price of the Tissot T-race, he just left to talk to another staff. Then that staff was the one who assisted me. I asked this staff if that guy (Tony) speaks English because he never uttered a word and I did not hear what they were talking about, anyway.

When I was talking to this staff who assisted, this Tony asked me if I was saying something. So i told him what I had to say. To make the long story short, his response to me, your customer, was ‘Don’t lose your manners.’ I told him he is the one who doesn’t have manners.

Well, is this the way you trained your staff on how to handle customers? A customer was pissed off with the behavior of your own staff and his response was ‘Don’t lose your manners.’ And for your information, he kept saying the same sentence over and over again until I left your shop.

Are you really serious of hiring a staff who has the worst behavior and who do not have manners at all as a front liner of your Tissot shop?

Rivoli Group handles one of the best brands in the world, and you really hired someone like that Tony?

Seriously?!?! It’s a shame!

Found At: Rivoli Group – unethical behaviour from the staff named tony

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