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I made some payment arrangements due to an accident I had for march 11,18 and 25. My services were suspended on feb 22. I called to ask what happened. One agent explained to me that the arrangements didnt automatically stop the suspension and restored my data then my call service got suspended. I called as I thought it was the same procedure the agent told me he couldn’t restore because I didn’t make payment for the arrangement I had for February 18th.. (I had none for Feb 18th). So I asked to speak to a supervisor and the agent put me on hold and said the supervisor told him to put the service bak but I need to make payments. While talking to that agent I realized that the agent I made arrangements with got the dates mixed up so I asked to speak to the supervisor as I missed my doctor’s phone appointment due to that suspension therefore I cant start my therapy until I get another appointment with my doctor. I made it clear to the agent I am not seeking no compensation because I know thays the first thing that comes to mind when individuals ask to speak to higher authority. While speaking to the supervisor Bryan from Toronto branch he started telling me that the mix up benefited me as I have had a few broken arrangements due to a rough year last yr and started telling me I miss so much payments and all that. I try to explain to him im just trying to figure out where the ball was dropped that caused the misunderstanding. And I felt very disrespected when he told me there is nothing he can do for me as if I had asked him to do anything. I just wanted to know who made the mistake and he avoided the point completely to keep discussing my missed payment and to say im benefiting from this. I felt disrespected and again I am not seeking no compensation. U can reach out to me at [protected]

Found At: Rogers Communications – Telephone agent

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