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When I tell you looking at these pictures, and reviews on here, I am pissed to the third degree. I purchased my leather set from RTG in 2013, I paid A little over three thousand dollars for my set. In Oct of this year, I started to noticed that my leather was starting to pill, and change colors in one area. It’s now a few month later, and the whole entire set looks like the Coronavirus done hit it. The sad part about my whole situation with this, is that this set is located upstairs in my work office, and in the whole 2, 540 days I’ve had it, I can honestly say that it has not been sat on more than 100 times, because I use my office desk and chair majority of the time in my office. My husband and I, have no pets, and our kids are grown, so the wear and tear from either or is out the window. I called RTG, and they informed me of similar conversations that I’ve read about on here, the warranty has long expired, and because I had it so long, it’s normal for things like this to happen. Well, I beg to differ, I have bought furniture from other furniture stores in 2002 when I got my first apartment, that have lasted way longer, and it still looked brand spanking new in 2013 as if I had just brought it that year before I had to end up selling it. The only reason why I had to sell most of my furniture, is because when I brought my house it had so much space, it made majority of furniture look like I brought it from a Ken and Barbie’s yard sale. The couple that I sold it to, can get a whole 10 years or more out of it depending on their upkeep level, because that’s just how well my OCD works. Seeing these pictures, and comments just really pissed me off all over again, because not even three weeks ago, I went to Bullard’s furniture, to see if I can find another set similar in style after being rejected from RTG the first time I called to get a different replacement set in that same price range, that was not going to peel or turn colors. I refuse to pay for anything from them even the more now, after seeing these pictures and comments, and the worker at Bullard telling me I was ripped off, and that the set they sold me was not even real leather, it was scrap material mixed to make so called leather. I was totally dumbfounded, until he showed me the difference in what real leather felt, looked, and smelled like vs. with what they sold me and other customers. This further confirms to me that I did absolutely nothing wrong on my behalf. This is a manufacturing issue that I was never fore warned of, because I promise you with every being in me I wouldn’t have never spent over 3G’s just for it peel and change colors on its own, like something straight out a horror movie. I need real life, not no beat around the bush answers about some compensation money forreal. After seeing all of the different comments, and pictures, not just on this sites, I will definitely be getting my lawyer involved in this matter. I need my furniture replace ASAP, and I refuse to payout anymore of my hard earned money to RTG or anywhere else if I really don’t have to because it’s not even my fault. RTG, fix the problem, or see you in court. BE BLESSED!

Found At: Rooms To Go – RTG is a total rip off. Furniture turning colors, and peeling.

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