Ross Dress for Less

Hello. I was shopped Ng for a couple pairs of shoes and a few hygiene products when I was Gettysburg Ng ready to check out I was approached by a employee by the name of margarita asking me if I go and everything okay and if I needed help. I did and so I asked her respectfully where do I return a pair of sunglasses I had purchased. She responded with can I see them,? And then “I seen you grab those when you walked in you did not purchase those.” I had the reciept and walked directly to the counter and returned my purchase for the full amount and was so upset and embarrassed I left all my items I shopped for a n the cart, took a picture of her name badge and promptly left the establishment. I felt very violated that I was accused of a crime in front of everyone in the store and very embarrassed. I cannot believe Ross trains thier employees to make such accusations publicly like she did and not even need any proof to do so. She was incorrect and very out of line to act as she did and I am so upset I made sure to take the time to make as many complaints officially possible so this does not go unanswered or reprimanded of some sort. I want this employee to feel every bit of embarrassment as I was subjected to and some action to be taken in order for this to not be something that is ok to be assumed and acted on to innocent shoppers.
Thank you for your time.
Location Craig and MLK Blvd. Las Vegas Nevada
Sunday January 9th 2022 1:00 pm

Found At: Ross Dress for Less – Customer service representative harassment

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