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Better Business Bureau Complaint Rossman Construction, LLC, Elk River Minnnesota September 21, 2015 In 2013 I made a $20, 000 contract with Rossman Construction, LLC located in Elk River, Minnesota to tear off and replace our roof after a hail storm. Doing business with Rossman and his company was the worst business decision I have ever made. Because of grossly poor workmanship of Rossman’s crew I have the worst looking roof in the neighborhood, my property value has been compromised and our plans to market our house and move out of state has been seriously derailed. Our new roof looks like an 8th grader did the work. The installers didn’t snap chalk lines, so the courses are uneven and crooked, they jammed shingles together too close and improperly nailed many so the shingles are bowed up even now after 2 years. Shingles at the roof edges are curled and still haven’t laid down, they didn’t replace small areas underlayment (standard practice for all roofing contracts) so the shingles are bowed up creating a small open access for wind/rain and bats to the attic. On the last 2 days of the project I found them working on the long runs of the garage in the dark without any lighting. Unbelievable! The flashing around the chimney looks ridiculous. They destroyed the rear gutter run and left it hanging, and they left without telling me they were “done” so I had to pick up the ropes, shingles, and other junk they left on the roof and around the yard. No final inspection was done until I repeatedly asked for one. They never even told me if they pulled a permit. Every promise and assurance that Josh Grant, Calvin, Rossman and Mike Rossman made to me was broken. Every problem Rossman’s crew created was blamed on me or they said their contract didn’t obligated them to perform that particular work. Josh admitted the work they did was “sloppy” and promised me they would make it right. In fact, they declined final payment for the project ( I made a good faith payment of $5000 out of my own resources before receiving any insurance monies) until after “all repairs were done to my satisfaction” and told me to get an inspection of their roof work from other roofers with the assurance they would do everything to “make me happy.” So, I did just that. 3 inspections later with the unanimous assessment being their work should be torn off and completely redone, Mike Rossman rejected all of them, implied they were fraudulent and hired a lawyer to sue me. The cause to sue was without basis. In responding to his complaint alleging non-payment I made clear that I had e-mail and other documentary evidence to prove his claims utterly false. I further established that the courts do not look kindly upon frivolous lawsuits. In fact, Minnesota law provides for sanctions against not only the plaintiff but also the lawyer representing those bogus claims. Within 48 hours Mike Rossman agreed to withdraw his threat to sue me and reduced the remaining amount owed by $2000. That amount was not nearly enough to make good the problems to my property that Rossman Construction created. In addition, an audit by my insurance company revealed Rossman double billed an item on their bid by $500 and by extending the process of resolution over the winter and threatening a lawsuit, I ran out of time and lost all remaining depreciation monies. In the end Rossman deprived me of more than $800 which was contractually and lawfully mine. Rossman Construction does very poor work and their business practices seriously needs to be investigated. Beware of this company.

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