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This is the worst online ordering experience I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED HAD TO DEAL WITH! Today, in the USA, it is Friday, 12/14/2018. I ordered these three (3) items from the USA on November 21st, 2018 AND PAID FOR THEM! I have STILL NOT received these items, NOR any communication from this ROTITA company as to when, where, NOTHING – NO COMMUNICATION AT ALL!. I managed to pull in my order(s) to ‘track’ them and for the last week, it has said “IN TRANSIT”. WHERE ARE THESE ITEMS COMING FROM? Did you guys just take my money and run? I have certainly learned one good lesson from this experience = I will NEVER, EVER order anything else AT ALL from your Company = ROTITA! And, I will never recommend your Company to ANYONE at all! And, I will report you to the Better Business Bureau, OR someone in charge of online retail sales & distribution!
This is just TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE & I will be seeking CORPORATE help/advise from someone that is above the Company ROTITA to issue a full/unsatisfied experience!

HERE IS MY ADVISE TO ANYONE THAT WISHES TO TAKE THE TIME TO READ MY COMMENT = ‘DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY’! 1) They take your money; 2) it takes WEEKS to get your item/products (if you even get them at all; AND 3) there is absolutely NO communication between customer and the Company! STAY AWAY FROM ORDER ANYTHING FROM ROTITA! So unfortunate & disappointed, as now I have three very special people in my life that will not have these items that I ordered WAY IN ADVANCE for Christmas gifts…
C.D. – in Georgia, USA


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