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Hello, i live in Valley Springs, i have a Ba degree as well as being a certified pastry chef graduating LecordonBleu in 2009-i was previously a manager of extreme pizza in berkeley for 2yrs, yet even when the sign outside says u are hiring the same manager ‘charles’ doesnt want to hire me-I just want to work, i dont care if its with kids or cleaning or making pizzas or delivery-i was by last month n the sign was up n so i went in and ‘charles’ said ‘oh i have to take the sign down!’ So u are hiring just not me-I feel as though im being diacriminated against because im a little older than some of the applicants but why keep hiring these little kids when 2weeks latr he has to hire more-im a guy thats more than qualified to work there or be gm for that matter but willing to do whatever it takes because i want to work-wouldnt u just hire a reliable guy, a man that wants to work, knows customer service and how to make pizza n food better than some kid still in high school? Im just frustrated because i have fantastic skills, i need a job and i dont think im really being fairly considered-Thank you for your time, Sincerely, Sean Weiss

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