Royal Holiday Vacation Club

My wife and I purchased a Royal Holiday Timeshare: 29 August 1990. An annuity was established by Royal Holiday. Having paid $7,000.00 USD for the timeshare, the pitch was that after 30 years, 9 months, the money Royal Holiday put in the annuity would equal to what we paid. Attached are copies of the two different Annuity Contracts one issued by Life USA and the other issued by Yamasu International Bank.

After 30 years and 9 months, we spoke with numerous people at Royal Holiday, both in person and by phone. We were instructed in April 2021, by Ms. Karina Islas, at Royal Holiday’s Mexico City Headquarters, to send a copy of the certificate to Yamasu Bank and a letter requesting our annuity funds. Attached are copies of the two annuity contracts and the letter sent to two different Yamasu addresses (listed on the back of the annuity contract). One was sent to the Yamasu International Bank in the Cayman Islands, B.W.I., and the other sent to the office on the Isle of Man, British Isles. Both of these letters were returned to them as undeliverable. He never sent a request for the annuity funds to Life USA, due to the recommendation of Ms Islas.

After getting the Yamasu letters returned, he made many more phone calls to Royal Holiday Headquarters in Mexico City, and was instructed to send the request for the annuity funds to Granthix using their email address, [protected]

Our request for payment was denied because they say that our annual fees were paid late (beyond the due date) four times. That is a lie, we were never late. We asked for documentation of the payments. Granthix said that they do not have that information. We asked Royal Holiday for documentation/information regarding the supposed late payments. We were told they have nothing to do with it. Everything is in the hands of Granthix. This appears to be a scam done by Royal Holiday in order to not have to pay out their promised annuities.

Found At: Royal Holiday Vacation Club – Failure to pay/uphold the promise of annuity received at the time of timeshare purchase

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