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We were contacted by Rx Medco from # [protected] with PO Box 5009 Laguna Beach, CA 92652; on 8/31/12 & 9/6/12 to provide certified Spanish interpreter for a Work Comp case. Interpreter was to assist the AME Dr. in Sacramento. They contracted our services again just a few days later for another Work Comp case for a Polish interpreter to assist the AME Dr. appt in Santa Ana. For both appointments, our office faxed supervisor Eddie Billes? who signed our fee agreement and faxed our office back. After both appointments were completed we emailed our bills to which were ignored. We then faxed them to [protected], [protected] & [protected]. Called and just got the run around. Betsy, Betty, Zoe Mary? no one seems to have last names there. Being the investigator that we are, we looked up the patience in EAMS and found out who the defense attorney’s were and the work comp carriers. Called both insurance carriers and both the adjusters informed us that they had issued payment in full to Rx Medco and mailed payments to PO Box 5009 Laguna Beach, CA 92652 and was kind enough to email us a letter with check # and date check was issued so that we can file with small claims court. Rx Medco has an attorney of Jonh Robert Mullen @ 23151 Moulton Parkway, Suite 112, Laguna Hills, CA [protected]. Rx Medco is contracting drivers and interpreters to perform services and ignoring our bills. Rx Medco is billing the carriers for jobs WE DID! Our Polish interpreter bill for full day was $500.00. Rx Medco billed $931.50 to the carrier which carrier paid in full for services that we provided. For the Spanish interpreter in Sacramento our agreed rate was $250.00. Rx Medco billed carrier $442.17 which was also paid in full. We now have all our evidence and are getting ready to file with small claims court. SHAME ON RX MEDCO AND ANY OTHER SHADY COMPANY WHO DOES THIS PRACTICE. Will update forum one we are awarded our fees from court. Hopefully this info helps anyone else needing to collect from Rx Medco. Advice is to always investigate a company looking to contract your services.

Found At: rx medco – non payment

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