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1/27/2022 This website is a scam! They advertise below market price French Bulldogs and ask for upfront deposits for puppies that don’t exist. My wife spoke to the supposed owner, Nelson Gonzalez and he gave her an address in Mobridge, SD that I’m sure came from a Zillow listing. I kept searching for info on this website and actually found the Zillow listing myself. I contacted the selling agent for the home and he verified that Mr. Gonzalez did not live at that address prior to or after the sale of the home.

If it looks like a scam it usually is a scam! Please do not give this scammer a deposit for a dog or money for transporting a dog. You will not receive anything your looking for only heartbreak when you realize the puppies don’t exist and you were scammed. When you call the contact number it goes to voicemail and then they call you back, this is just a fake rollover number to wherever they are at. But they are not a dog breeder.

Found At: Sadi French Bulldogs – Dog breeder

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