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In February this year we asked for a door /window to be fitted – we had an assessor around who said they would do so but both needed a Lintel for support. On Thursday March 4th the tradesmen came and installed and after they fitted it they informed me that they could not fit the Lintel above the window. The work at that time actually looked good and the guys seemed professional. When they went one of your customers care people rang up and asked me how it went, I said great – they said they had been receiving a lot of complaints and could I do a review, I said yes and did one.

However, I happen to look up at out roof the day after and noticed a 3″ gap in the roof above the installation. I rang customer care and they informed me that they would send out there own assessor on the Saturday. He came and admitted it was due to the Lintel not being put in, he took photos and sent them to his bosses, whom he said they were not happy with what had happened. He said this needs urgent attention and would get someone to ring up and organise the work on Monday. A scaffolder appeared on Monday and I had been informed the builder would turn up next day. Tuesday at 12md ai noticed a Safestyle Van outside with someone pointing up to our roof. I thought they were on lunch so decided to leave them – 15 mins later they had vanished. The perlin is hanging on by mm and if this goes the roof goes with it.

I have since sent several emails, rang on at least 3 more occasions and have now filled in an official complaint as per your policy.

Needless to say I have not had any further communication with Safestyle – when ive rang I was always assured somebody would be out.

This is incomprehensible how Safestyle can leave such a deplorable and dangerous situation where they have admitted blame. What I find most frustrating is there absolute lack of communication. We have belongings in the roof and as advised by your assessor we have not been up and the contents are open to the elements.

I look forward to a response – [protected]

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