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This was the worst experience purchasing a puppy from a “breeder”. Don’t be fooled by good prices and well written emails.

We paid for a puppy and waited for it to be delivered via ground transportation. Never hearing additional updates on the transportation process we assumed the puppy would be delivered to our home… This was not the case. 6pm on a Monday after we both had long hours at work the transporter contacted us saying WE needed to meet him 3hrs away to pick up the dog by 11pm… Um what?! Struggling to contact the breeder to get this situation corrected she finally returned my call after 7pm with a voice mail stating there was nothing she can do about it, we wanted the dog shipped quickly, why don’t we care about the dogs health and safety, I’m a bad person, we are crazy people arguing about a 3hr pick up (6 hrs total late at night). Finally the transported and I agreed on an alternative day and pick up place but the breeder continued to be upset and argumentative.

This breeder is out if her mind. She’s in her own world. She has no consideration for the human in this relationship. After posing the question of fatigued driving and putting the safety if the puppy and us at risk she still didn’t see the issue. She argued with me, she argued with my boyfriend and the poor puppy was stuck in a van somewhere in St. Louis.

After everything she refunded shipping since she admitted the puppy wasn’t supposed to be in that truck but a different one and was originally supposed to be delivered the following morning. Then thinking it’s been resolved we wake up to an email stating she has refunded us our money and she’s keeping the puppy!

Found At: Salt Creek Frenchies – Bad Breeder

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