Sam Levitz Furniture

Sam Levitz has the absolute worst customer service. We purchased a sectional and a love seat 3 weeks ago. The first sectional was broken and had a stain. We were given our delivery fee back for the inconvenience. The following week they delivered a second couch that had a hole in it. We were told the 3rd sectional would be inspected before it was delivered. WRONG! The third sectional had a nail poking through the material. We were told by Steve Sanchez, that he was pissed at the situation and his customers are like gold. He told us he would call by 12 today with a resolution. Guess what Mr Corporate Customer Service Manager, you are no better than the employees you supposedly gave an unscheduled day off to. You like they have failed miserably in the customer service department by failing to keep your word. I have half a mind to set your couches in my front yard call and tell Travis to find a way to pick them up. I will never purchase from this company again. My husband has taken time off of work 3 times now for no reason. All we get are excuses and the run around. Now we have to wait until Monday to talk to the corporate customer service manager who obviously thinks by ignoring us the problem will go away.

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