1-Jul/31 -I found the page Sammy dress in a Web browser, I saw they had beautiful clothes, a with a friend we decided to place an order.

2-Jul/31 -To make the payment, had to register with paypal, which did not have, immediately proceeded to the registration, and pay.

3-Aug/1I wrote that I needed to confirm whether it is possible to receive my order before the day 9.

4-Aug/5 to this day had not been answered, and what I was told that my order would come out on Monday 8.

5-Aug/8 I was informed, who immediately packed with would be sending me the tracking number. Which they did, until repeatedly wrote themasking.

6-I wrote a million times, and never gave me an exact answer. First send the goods in parts, but unless you ask and insist theydo not say anything.

7-The first part of the order arrived on August 14, 15 days after the initial order (as they say on their website is not true).The first arrived incomplete. For the second half came on 19, 20 days after the initial order, and also incomplete. Never sent me the tracking number of the second shipment. And whem ask for the rest they toll me they where not available, so if you don’t ask, they will just not tell.

8-About the quality of the merchandise, I can only say that it is bad, the fabrics are not what it says on the website, the colors are different. Are not responsible for anything.

9-When asked for a refund of my money, tell me I have to return the clothes first, but it would have to pay my money and I’ve spent too much, no one will send a refund form at all.

10-Supposedly there are people that serve specific requests from customers, but these people are only writing at the end solve nothing, absolutely nothing. do not know what it is to give an honest, honorable, that values the customer and their concerns.

11-My intention with this is one that anyone try to buy something from this company, first to know what is at stake, what they haveonthe page that is not going to arrive. And in the end if they want your money back, they will have to spend the cost of return. as if it were not enough the fact that he paid nearly a month ago, and receive dosage the items, especially of poor quality.

12-This document provides all the claims it makes, and photos of the merchandise that is exposed on the page, and what I received.Please read the comments I posted, are in red, according to my experience in this order, I want to clarify things, and tell the truth. To let everyone know what kind of company is.

13-Perhaps this was beyond a waste of money for my money, this is why I will do everything it does not happen to anyone else.In life you need honest and serious companies. And God will judge who’s in the future.If anyone has any questions, please email me. Thank you very much for your attention and I hope that this information is helpful.

Found At: – didn’t receive my order!!!

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