We recently purchased a Samsung set (dishwasher, fridge and stove) from Leons. Their prices were the lowest and the store offered additional discounts if all 3 appliances were bought. We only really needed the dishwasher but got sucked in because of the savings. The dishwasher was installed EXACTLY as per instructions, it ran 1 cycle and started flashing SE on the LCD display which meant drain error. I pulled it out and checked the hose for kinks or clogs but nothing. I called Samsung and they had a tech come out. The problem was with the circuit board and the replacement part was ordered from China! It has been 3 weeks now and Direct Energy (repair service) can’t tell us when the part will arrive. We took up the matter with Leons. The statement we got from Customer Service was that they will call Samsung and ask if we can get a replacement model instead of waiting for the part for months. No call backs. We called Samsung, Leons and Direct Energy and they all blamed each other. We simply want a dishwasher that works. We asked Leons repeatedly for a straight replacement but got the same story – we have to wait for the part to arrive because it is repairable. The sales people apologized and stated they were not aware of this problem with the DMR77. How can they sell a product not knowing anything about it? I looked at several blogs afterwards and it is apparent that I am not the only one with the problem. I really want to stick it to Leons but not sure how. I have spent over $10, 000 dollars in their store. I am extremely frustrated and will not recommend buying anything from Leons. I will spread the word to everyone I know to warn them about their poor customer service. All it would take is for them to replace the unit with another one. They are simply not willing to take responsibility for the products they sell.

Mike and Kathryn
Cambridge Ontario

Found At: Samsung – broken after 1 cycle

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