Compare with the kenmore product that we replaced, we are totally disappointed with samsung.

Ice maker design flaw – it takes more than 5 days to fulfill the ice tray, but the ice tray is really, really small. After 18 months, the ice won’t come down from ice maker – it stuck inside ice maker. Run the self-diagnosis function with no error code, reset ice maker won’t fix the problem. Removing ice maker to get those ice out, but once put it back in, the problem return after it made 3 cycle of ice (About 20 ice cubes, which took 24 hrs to make)
Storage space – even though it says 26 cu. Ft. , but I think it is way less than the 25 cu. Ft. Kenmore one that it replaced. It just can’t quite fit things that we used to be able to fit in our old refrigerator.

Service call is expensive and horrible. If we knew a simple replacement of ice maker will do the job, we will just buy it off internet instead of spending $$$ + dealing with those unprofessional mechanics from whom samsung referred to.

Found At: Samsung – ice maker

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