My Samsung dryer developed a crack in the dryer. I called Samsung (May 21st) and it was under warranty. I was informed that if it was my fault, it would not be covered. As the dryer is less than a year old, I have taken care of it and not put any heavy items, no shoes, etc. in to dry. I was told that a service call would be set up (ticket number [protected]). After several days of not receiving a call back, I called Samsung again and was told that they did not have anyone available in my area that I would have to find someone on my own. I have a text message on May 25th from a Joan B. Samsung Service Dispatch Team (phone number [protected]). I spoke to someone else and asked them the process and told that I could schedule a service call, and then find out the cause of the issue. If it was found to not be my fault, then I would be reimbursed. I asked them to refer me to someone and was told that I had to find someone on my own (I believe this ticket was created on June 4th Ticket number [protected]). After locating a local repair man (Mr. Brummett) to inspect the dryer, I was told that it was a defect in the metal and that I could not have caused this. I then called back to Samsung to report this and was told that there actually was someone that they could send out ( A & E), and that this would be scheduled. I was also told to send in the receipt for payment of the repairman that came to my home and I would be reimbursed. After that, I received a call from the company that Samsung had contacted, and was told that they had a order that my dryer was in warranty and they would go ahead and order the parts to be delivered so that they could repair it the same day of the service call (scheduled for 6/14). After receiving the parts, I called Samsung today to request reimbursement for the first repair service fee and was told that it was not going to be reimbursed, I had been “misinformed” and that this would not be covered. I insisted to speak to a supervisor, and was told that he (Gustavo) was not available for the call, I then insisted that I speak with any supervisor and after a hold, I was told that there was none available but a call back would be scheduled. Now I am going to be out the cost of the first service call, which was approved of by the company, and also no coverage of the repair even though it was found by a repair man to be defective metal. Please help. My contact number is [protected].
Thank you,
Mary Jo Westerfield

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