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I purchased from these sellers their online service GoProMail which is an autoresponder and smtp service.
After purchase I receive two emails: 1. Mentioning the page where I could get the product purchased (access to the App that is installed online) and 2. An email suggesting or trying to convince me to purchase the Upgrades.
This suggestion was even before getting access.
I went to the page to get the access and saw a notice saying that there were having technical problems to setup all the accounts and that we would have to wait about 24 hs to receive the login to the service and to contact their support if the login was not received.
I waited 24 hs and did not receive anything. So I wrote them an email telling them that I would wait another 24 hs and if I did not receive the access I would have to place a Paypal dispute. I received no answer to this.
But then I receive a 2nd email suggesting I should buy the Upgrades. I was not decided to buy the Upgrades until I tried the Front End product.
After 24 hs and seeing that I did not receive the access I placed a dispute on Paypal. No response was received to the dispute. While I was waiting for their Paypal response through which I asked them to either give me access or refund me, I receive another email with apologies from Kundan Choudhary about the delay and the access. I go to the page, type my email and password and they don’t work.
I write another email and tell them that the access they sent did not work and the response from Kundan Choudhary was: “Yes mate because you asked for refund or made dispute so it will never work”Yes mate because you asked for refund or made dispute so it will never work”.
As it can be seen from the order of events, this cancellation of my account comes not from the moment I opened the Paypal dispute but from the moment I did not purchase their Upgrades.
Because if they really had the intention of giving me access, they would have given it to me during the next 24 hs after I warned them. They never had the intention of giving me access because they had already planned to give access to those that purchased the Upgrades and discard those that only purchased the Front End. It is totally obvious. This is the first time in years of purchasing products like these that a seller sends me an email suggesting me to purchase the Upgrades. It is obvious that they would deliver the Front End product to those that do purchase the Upgrades. Then he gave me the excuse that I did not get access because I opened a dispute.
These sellers are unscrupulous, deceiving and with a plan to get the most from their products and will do anything to get what they want. They are scamming people by making them believe they have the option to buy the Front End only and then choose whether to buy the Upgrades. But it’s not so. They have a clear intention of selling the Upgrades and will not give access to those that don’t buy them. It would have been much different if they had contacted me directly and told me that they realize they delayed my access and that I would be getting it in a certain amount of time. But no, they wouldn’t do this because that would be confirming that they will give me access and in fact they don’t have the intention.
It’s a sheer scam. I want the public to know what these two sellers do online so beware.
I need to add to the list of accomplices the WarriorPlus platform which lends itself to these unfair business practices. When I contacted their support they told me they do not see coercion. Looks to me the WarriorPlus is protecting their interests when they do not find any scam in this.

Found At: Sandy Nayak & Kundan Choudhary – GoProMail

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