Employees at work high out of their minds and allowed to wait on customers and still have a job. Smoking and doing drugs in the parking lot of the store and the manager is aware of this. Corporate is aware complaints have been filed and still nothing has been done about this. I dont understand how many steps have to be taken before something is done about this. Even have given names to the corporate office of the employees involved. One cashier was so high she stuffed money in her pants out of her drawer. The manager asked her what she was doing and she stated she didnt know what she was doing or where she was. All she got was sent home. Ridiculous! Someone will get killed or hurt before they clean this store up. I for one shop here and will keep reporting it until somethong is done! They sit out in a vehicle on breaks and do drugs and the managers are aware and allow them to return to work. They dont do anything because one of the employees has been at the store for a long while is what im told but that shouldnt matter.

Found At: Save-A-Lot – employees

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