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I purchased a spring assisted knife on their site for supposedly the cost of postage, or $9.95. Many companies do this to get you looking at their other products. In this case, after explaining a bit about the knife on their site they had a “buy now” type button which I clicked on and then completed the transaction. Little did I know, that below the page I was looking at, was more that made me liable (according to them) for a monthly fee of $57 for their Academy online, services which I never used or thought this sale had anything with which to do.

After an incursion the other day into my bank account by thieves online, I looked over the past purchases to find other suspect charges and found “Science of Skill” pilfering $57 from my account. I immediately called them and they explained I had signed up for this service with the purchase of the knife. I told them I had no knowledge of this and did not agree to this. The girl let me know that I had already paid 6 months worth of fees, totaling $342! I complained and requested a refund, but only received on month’s worth. After more complaining by email. I received one other month and was told no more. I have made complaints now through the BBB of Canton and the Ohio Attorney General’s office and I am posting this info on their own Youtube videos. I want others to know of their deceptive business practices to beware of this company. I will continue to fight to get all my money back.

Found At: Science of Skill out of North Canton, OH – Advertising deception

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