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I have been on Workman’s Compensation since September of 2002. Yes, this is not a misprint. 2002. After 3 surgeries on my neck, my neck is still not fixed, leaving me with great pain and debilitating headaches which actually make me unable to move. My most recent complaint (complaints have been endless but most recently as in the past 2-3; years, I could write complaints daily), is regarding the denial of payment on my mileage. After speaking with my attorney on thus issue it seems it does absolutely no good. I submitted my mileage. They have supposedly 60 days to respond. They responded denying my payment of mileage with a ridiculous statement writing “how do they know I went to these doctors appointments”. I live in Ohio now and lived in California when I was injured. Because of this entire workman’s comp issue I used my entire savings just to live. I fly back and forth to California because no one here wants to take on a 15 year old workman’s comp case, especially from California. I fly back to see my workman’s comp doctor that I have been seeing for 15 years. The doctor sends bills to the insurance company and also sends a report stating my current complaints and requesting specific health care. What do they mean how do they know that I actually went to these doctors appointments? That does not even make any sense at all to me. After speaking with my attorney he informed me that they have a right to object. I agree if it was substantiated. I believe this was just a stall tactic to issue me my money owed to me. I submitted it at the end of September 2016. It is now February 3rd and I have no money. Over half of the mileage I am submitting is mileage to/from the doctor while still living in California. They also owe me a letter stating that they cut off my checks which I take to the social security office so my monthly check can be increased. I am trying to live off of $600 /month for almost a year. Even in Ohio is impossible. My complaints are seriously endless . I have worked my entire life until my injury. I am 56 years old now and even if I could go back to work there is no one that would consider hiring me at my age. The insurance company stated that they were going to settle and then let me be responsible for my own healthcare. They went though the entire process only to tell me 8 months later that they didn’t want to settle at this time. When they told me they were going to settle that is when I made the decision to move to Ohio. I thought I would get care at the Cleveland Clinic. After preparing to move and then the insurance company deciding not to settle, that was the end of everything. Since then I am basically homeless with absolutely no money and not getting any health care. When I do go back to California to see my doctor, it is on my dime. It doesn’t even matter if I go because whatever my doctor requests, they deny and send 15 sheets of paper saying it’s denied. Also, they don’t always send me the paperwork. If they get around to it they will send it. Otherwise I wait and continue calling my doctor or attorney to see if the procedure was approved. There has to be something that can be done. My state of depression is exactly where the insurance company wants it to be. On the verge of a suicidal episode so that they won’t have to pay out anything for me any longer. That I believe is the absolute truth. They would like me to fall off the face of the earth and have not one thought about me or anyone else medically. How people can have not one ounce of compassion to others that have paid their dues is beyond me. After reading a fifth of these complaints just justifies and gives merit to my story. Trust me, I haven’t even told you a tenth of my complaints. These are just the current complaints. Please help!

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