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On 1/3/14 we signed up with a company called SEO Gears for their Aggressive Marketing Package for our website. It cost $499.00 per month and included five key phrases and 2, 000 links to be entered into the three search engines of Google Yahoo, and Bing. The Marketing Manager that was assigned to us, JOEY BELK, told us, via an e-mail sent to us, that we had to wait 3 to 6 weeks for Google, Yahoo, and Bing to post them.

Towards the end of January 2014, we asked SEO Gears to furnish me with some sort of tangible evidence that indeed SEO Gears was putting up 2, 000 links on the worldwide web. Otherwise, how do we know if SEO Gears is doing ANYTHING? SEO Gears refused to reply to my repeated inquiries, which we sent via e-mail to Joey Belk.

Soon after, we found posted on Google unauthorized meta-descriptions about web pages on my website. We did not know why they were there since we, and Joey Belk via e-mail had previously agreed to the meta-descriptions that were to be used. To make matters worse, the unauthorized meta-descriptions were anti-marketing in nature. These bad meta-descriptions had been taken out of context so they 1) did not tell the visitor what my website was about and 2) won’t lead the visitor to other parts of my website to optimize the chance that the visitor will stay on and return to it for more viewing. For example, on one of the web pages in my website called “How to Fight Back” was posted on Google with the following meta-description of “…happiness is generated within your solar plexus…”

We had an agreement via e-mail with SEO Gears – Joey Belk, Marketing Manager – to post five specific web pages, each with a particular key phrase and meta-description into the three above search engines of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We had even inserted them into the page settings of my website builder. Instead, We discovered on Google and later on Yahoo and Bing that either five unauthorized web pages with authorized meta-descriptions or five authorized web pages with unauthorized meta-descriptions had been posted and the postings changed daily.

When we asked my Marketing Manager, Joey Belk, what was going on he told me that SEO Gears did not post these bad anti-marketing meta-descriptions, Google did. Then he misled us by instructing us to “re-crawl” the links in Google and told us to wait twenty-four hours for results. We did as he had advised but it did NOT remove the bad anti-marketing unauthorized meta-descriptions nor replace them with the good marketing authorized meta-descriptions that we and Joey Belk, our Marketing Manager, had already previously agreed upon in writing via e-mail to post on these three search engines.

So we contacted our technical support advisor at Homestead, THOMAS DAWSON, for assistance regarding the above. He sent us an e-mail promising that he will take care of it and telling us that it may take up to a week to do so. A week later all three above search engines were still posting either the wrong web pages with the right meta-descriptions or the right web pages with the wrong meta-descriptions. The five key phrases along with their corresponding web pages and correlating meta-descriptions that we had paid $499.00 for were NOT getting posted on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

During the interim we noticed a new meta-description on Google that we had never ever seen before. It did not even come from any of our web pages on our website. It was flat out libel and slander – false derogatory statements – claiming that my website was worth $0 dollars and had 0 visitors. Our website already has had 50 visits in the one month that it has been operational. It is brand new.

During the last week of January 2014 we went on SEO Gears Website to discover that our website had a ranking of 0. By now we ought to have had some sort or ranking as three weeks had already passed and SEO Gears ought to have done some work on marketing my website. Getting suspicious we went on the Internet and lo and behold we found a lot of other people who were going through the same thing we was with SEO Gears. For them it was even worse. Some of them had spent thousands of dollars and waited many months only to be disappointed with 0 rankings from SEO Gears. All of them were in agreement that SEO Gears is a SCAM OPERATION.

What bothered me the most about SEO Gears is that it was not enough that they steal peoples’ money by not giving any service for the money that they were taking, but SEO Gears is also maliciously and viciously anti-marketing instead of marketing peoples’ websites. Why? Are the people who work for SEO Gears all INSANE! If SEO Gears worships greed all they have to do is be an honest business that adheres to ethical business practices and they will have so many clients they won’t know what to do with all of the money they are making.

I contacted Joey Belk, Marketing Manager, Jeff, Vice President of SEO Gears, Eli, Director of SEO Gears, as well as, Thomas Dawson, Technical Support, and his supervisor RParker regarding my demand for a full refund of $499.00. Eli, Director of SEO Gears rejected my e-mail. It came back to my spam box posted “rejected”. Jeff and RParker ignored my e-mails. Joey Belk sent me a harassing e-mail that accused me of being a bully by assuming that I deliberately typed on my e-mails to him Joey Belch when I had accidentally made a typo. Imagine that. Joey Belk is stealing my money and I am the bully?

Thomas Dawson…I had sent to Thomas Dawson and his Supervisor RParker the best letter of commendation that any individual can ever receive from any one. I still have the copy of it. Thomas Dawson had done a great job as my technical support advisor for Homestead. So imagine my surprise when he betrayed me by siding with Joey Belk and SEO Gears corrupt organization against me in a BullC**p e-mail that he sent me letting me know in between the lines that not only was he not going to help me get a refund but he was going to help Joey Belk steal another month’s worth of $499.00 by lying to be that the search engines of Google, Yahoo, and Bing will not make any changes in postings until 2/1/14, which was when my next month’s billing cycle began with SEO Gears. Thereby allowing SEO Gears to steal yet another $499.00 from my wallet. Wow! Like they say no good deed shall go unpunished.

The only settlement we will agree to with SEO Gears is a full refund of the $499.00 that SEO Gears has stolen from us by taking my money but refusing to give us ANY services. We are very happy with Homestead and so we will continue our account with them by paying the $14.99 they charge us per month for their Gold Web Builder Package that we signed up for in the month of December in the Year of 2013. That is, if SEO Gears does not maliciously and viciously retaliate against us for our having the audacity to try and recover the money that it cheated us out of by shutting down our website with Homestead.

We have all the documents proving all of the above. We cannot upload them into your website but we can send them to you via e-mail if you furnish us with your e-mail address.


Michael Laham and Elana Laham

Found At: Seo Target Rank Aggressive – Failure to Honor Contract/Agreement

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