Shake A Paw

Bought puppy from Shake A Paw for my young daughters bday..
we love the puppy dearly.. within the first week we bought him he was very sick with cough and diarrhea … costing us stress and money soon after dog became somewhat aggressive and as he got little older became worse. bitting my daughter on her lip, attacking and biting my boyfriend and lastly attacking me…

tried contacting Shake A Paw and they said that this is not their problem
he is my puppy and i have to deal with it.

I do love our dog buddy.. but we can’t keep him do to that he is dangerous..We wanted Shake a Paw to help us with options do to that we don’t want to put him down and want him somewhere safe where he can get the help he needs…

But Shake a Paws employee assaulted and pushed me out of the store and threw me and my Dog out locked the doors and called the cops …

worse experience ever with this company… they are unfriendly, not helpful. unprofessional and heartless company that doesn’t do the right thing or stand behind their brand..

I came to this place referred by a someone i trained and trusted her judgement shame on me for not doing my own research and realizing how awful Shake a Paw is!


Found At: Shake A Paw – Puppy that turned and attacked me

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