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This service apartment is very very bad. We are a couple who stayed in this service apartment from the 8th of September till the 16th of September. We paid money in advance for the first few days and then we wanted to extend the stay.

Since the 14th of September, the manager Mr. Mahesh started harassing us to pay money in advance. We told him that we wanted to extend the stay as our plan was not confirmed, but he threatened us that he would not let us stay until we paid him money, and also he would confiscate our belongings including our car unless we paid him money.

We were so shocked by the way he spoke, especially to my wife, and called us mental, and that he would lock the gates unless we paid him money so that we couldn’t go out. He even threatened to call the police if we did not pay him right in the middle of the night. We told him that such behaviour was unacceptable and that we would like to speak to the owner, or the MD. He said that he is the owner now, and that he would not let us talk to the MD. We were so disgusted by his behaviour, that we decided to check out the next morning. But Mr. Mahesh asked us to checkout in the middle of the night, and that he was calling his own people to throw our luggage out of the room.

We then called the corporate communications guy, who had referred us the place of stay as being very good. He intervened in the matter, and then Mr Mahesh told him that he did not know who we were, and would apologise for his behaviour. We want the MD of Cloud Nine Serviced apartments to call us and let us know why we were treated in this manner, and we want a written apology from Mr. Mahesh regarding his behaviour. We have all the evidences of his unacceptable behaviour, and would want to take him to court. My number is 8800736588, and I expect a call from the MD as to why he has employed these kind of staff.

To everyone, please do not go by the reviews of this place. The place lacks daily cleaning, the breakfast is the same every day, they do not give you even an electric kettle, and the A/c which was in the room was leaking constantly, and when we told Mr Mahesh the problem, he sent people to the room to put towels where the water was dripping. The towels soon got fully saturated, and the whole room was filled with water. Even after telling him many times, he did not send any mechanic to repair it.

Would you want to live in such a place?

Think before you book. And every word of what I have written is genuine. You can call me up to find out.

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