01/18/2022 I place an order: ORDER ID. 220118550C0QND

In the remark to the order, I specify:

“Only according to the specified specification: Ram12G+512GB 11.6inch 5G Dual SIM Android 10.0”

01/26/2022 -I receive my order and make payment to the courier: 2,807 pesos

But when I open my order, I saw that the product does not match the description:

Tablet size is not 11.6 inches

Real size 9.6 inch

I installed the app CPUZ on the tablet to check the real characteristic

Real version of Android 5, not the same as the seller in the description of Android 10

I check the versions of android system files – version 5 is also listed there

I try to install the GCash application on the tablet – it’s impossible. Because this app does not support old version of android

I contacted “Shopee” support and opened a refund ticket. № [protected]

The seller offered me a refund of 100 pesos.

I refuse.

Support requested proof of the wrong product.

I take a photo of the wrong size

Photo with package number

Photo wrong android version

After that, the support team decided to close the ticket and not return anything to me.

I make a support request – on what basis do you decide not to return my funds to me?

They didn’t answer anything specific to me, only that they already gave the money to the seller and can’t return it to me

Found At: Shopee – Refusal to refund my payment

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