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I have experienced a steady decline of satisfaction during recent visits to Shop Rite. The idea that customers checking out in lieu of providing trained personnel is wrong on many levels:

1). Service is now highly impersonal. I have found most checkout cashiers to be patient, pleasant and nice to chat with. It is the culmination of the shopping experience. It is neighborly. (Which I remember the “neighborly” aspect is one that Shop Rite hung its hat on). The neighborly feel is dissipating. It reminds one of the movement. Not good.

2). Checking out takes longer. The general public is not trained in the details necessary to correct an error or address certain coupons. I see so many people struggle in frustration in their efforts falling short of a clean transaction. I see other people become impatient with those in need of assistance. More importantly, the interaction I hear, (and engage) is of disapproval and detestation. I am in agreement. I have long been a Shop Rite customer. Though I find myself frequenting ACME more and more. ACME insults our intelligence with their sales veiled by increased pricing. Shop Rite on the other hand is quietly removing personal service.

3). Jobs. I’m not going to insult the issue by elaborating.

4). Clearly it is Shop Rite’s vision to save money by this benefits Shop Rite. At least that is the public’s perception, (I refer back to conversations in the ever growing lines).

Shop Rite bangs the drum of fund raisers, local produce… Sure, this is a benefit to the community. Though it seems a large populous feels community is being lost in the scaling down of personal service. Perhaps you should put someone incognito to observe the conversations in line. For me… well the fact that I had to take the time to point this out to you further pushes me to ACME. At least their game is avoidable. Shop Rite has created an unavoidable bottleneck and I’m disappointed you don’t have more respect for my time.

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