Called to speak to a representative about canceling my plans: the image on demand and the $29 monthly subscription where I can download 10 images per month. The lady I spoke to on the phone was extremely rude and told me the cancellation fee was at least $120. $120 is WAY TOO MUCH MONEY to charge a cancellation fee, and exceeds the price of a $29 monthly subscription. I told her very honestly that I couldn’t afford it, but thankfully I do have a job where I can earn money and I’m working minimum wage and get paid every 14 days based on the hours I worked. That lady I talked to over the phone needs to go find another job if she’s going to treat her customers like this. Plus that company shouldn’t be in business if they’re going to charge people hundreds of dollars for a cancellation fee. It only shows they can get away with ripping off their customers. Her attitude and totally despicable that she clearly has no customer service talking to people like that and charging way more than what the average cancellation fee should be worth. I could never spend any more than $5 for a cancellation fee. This business needs to clean up their act and admit how bad they’re ripping off their customers.

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Found At: Shutterstock – auto-renewal/cancellation

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