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As past lawsuits of copyright infringement loom over the owner of Singsnap and partners and with a new harassment lawsuit on the way, Singsnap owner Trevor McGuire seems nervous or perhaps paranoid in his dealings with members lately and his crazy ideas of them plotting against him. In the past, McGuire wasn’t present in the lives of the members themselves. He would show up once in a while on the message boards or on camera with a greeting or announcement of some sort.
Nowadays, we’re learning Trevor has been harassing his paying customers in private communications with accusations of “copy and paste” when it comes to his posts and his belief that he “owns” every letter types on his beloved site.

Recently, a much loved member and a three account paying customer was banned permanently from the site, accused of copying and pasting posts from the message boards. Say what?
Not only was this much liked member paying Mr. McGuire $36 (USD) per month for services, but had never cause any harm or discontent on the site in the years since they’d become a member.
Many before now have come forward with similar stories of being banned from the karaoke site without cause and certainly without getting any of their money back, sometimes having been paid up for an entire year in advance.
To date, this particular story has been the worst, showing exactly what kind of a crappy businessman and person McGuire is.

Below, find the private communication between Trevor McGuire and the loyal member.

On May 28 (1 day ago), you said:
Dear Trevor,
I am sincere about wishing to try out the new SingSnap mixer. If there are already enough persons testing it I will understand. When you did not respond to my request I figured you were busy…and Krud and I were just entertaining ourselves…all in good fun.
Happy SingSnapping evening to you.

On May 28 (about 9 hours ago), trevorSTAFF said:
Do you intend to offer an explanation? Particularly for copying my last post? I assumed you think I was bluffing bu I am not. I get a message like this when a post is copied:
Copied by: Azurelle

“you could imagine. Their behavior is incomprehensible and criminal. I know who they are, where they are and what they have done. They will be dealt with in due course and that is all I am willing to say about that at the moment.
To copy from my site, whether video’s or message board posts, not only violates my TOS and COC but it is illegal. All content here is my intellectual property. I am not interested in anyone’s feedback on this point as I am extremely well versed in intellectual property, copyright and litigation. If you participate in this particular activity make sure you have a willingness to spend money to defend yourself and that your pockets are deeper than mine should I decide to do something about it.
I will use any and all resources at my disposal to further and defend my SingSnap ideal. I put in place the ability to monitor who copies which posts from these threads. Yesterday, midday, several posts were copied. This morning at 1:57 am a few more posts were copied. Given that they were primarily posts made by Shanda, I have no doubt as to the intent.
I would like the person who did this to contact me to explain their actions. This is your opportunity to explain yourself prior to my banning your account.”
From: “General Rants” -> “What Offends You?”

On May 28 (about 8 hours ago), you said:
Dear Trevor,
I don’t appreciate being accused of this. Also, I don’t appreciate feeling threatened by your message to me. I am a loyal SS paying customer and have always enjoyed being a part of this community whether I agree or disagree with anyone.

On May 28 (about 8 hours ago), trevorSTAFF said:
I am not threatening you. You were caught copying posts. These posts are being used on the hate site. I am asking for an explanation.

On May 28 (about 5 hours ago), you said:
Dear Trevor,
As I told you above, I agree to disagree with many people. I also enjoy reading the posts on the boards and participating in the same capacity that others do.
How anything gets posted on other sites I am not privy to.
Nor do I have anything to do with hate or hate sites. Contrary to what you or others may think. I have private conversations that you are privy to and can verify that.
Most of what I have to say in Private is just that…private.
I am a loyal member on SingSnap and have met many wonderful people here that I call friends.
No further explanation should be required. I am very upset at your persistence in questioning me about this matter and consider the matter closed.
You will not see me adding any of my thoughts on the Offends Thread and any other threads…because I truly find that most of what is said is offensive to me and as a member of the SingSnap community. Again, I agree to disagree and keep my thoughts in Private.
My time and money spent on here would best be spent singing and ignoring the message boards.

On May 28 (about 3 hours ago), trevorSTAFF said:
Karen – you were the only one who copied these posts. You made a point of copying my post.
You have been banned from the message board so you are unable to post. I intend to ban you from the site but I wanted to give you a chance to explain your actions.

End of private communications.

As a spokesperson for our site, this Singsnap member is not nor has ever been a member on our site. This Singsnap member This loyal paying member of Singsnap has never emailed us or visa versa. Hear that SHANDA?
After a few days of finding out they were permanently banned, we finally learned of what transpired between Trevor McGuire and this member and were disgusted.
Not only is this narcissistic man wrong on so many levels but he’s paranoid and basically off his rocker in our very humble opinion.
We are also of the opinion he is a lousy businessman, choosing to take money out of his pocket instead of putting money in.
We were also wondering if his partners are aware of his harassment and shoddy business practices? If they don’t, they will soon.
He has accused past non-staff members of treason. Again, say what?
He has labeled past members as haters who only had legitimate complaints about the site and demanded better treatment by staff and volunteers. He chooses to now spend his time chasing shadows and the idiotic psychopathic thoughts and delusions of Shanda Maddox/Lancaster.

In conclusion we believe it might behoove him to worry about his own skin instead of threatening paying members.
We know Shanda will be Trevor’s biggest downfall.
Does he?

Found At: Singsnap Trevor McGuire – Member Harassment

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