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On August 27, myself and a group 6 friends arrived at great adventure approximately 10:11 am. We waited in the security line for approximately 20 mins. We proceeded through the line and then presented our bags for inspection by staff security Lorraine. One female member of the group had a bottle of perfume. Lorraine told her she has three options. Place item in a locker, place item in the vehicle she came in, or throw item out. She opted for a locker. At that time Lorraine informed her to exit the security check point to another line where she can rent a locker. My friend, upon stepping back over the chain, next to the detector asked a supervisor, staff member Colleen where are the lockers. She was told she needs to go to the very back of the line again. A line of at least 300 person! I complained to colleen that her security did not explain she has to go to the very back all over again just to get a locker. The supervisor said I’m sure my staff explained. I went back and asked Ms. Lorraine did she explain this to my friend. She said, no, I assumed she knows this, it’s common sense. I then went back to the supervisor Ms. Colleen and told her, go ask your staff. She just said she didn’t inform the young lady. The supervisor said, well I can’t do anything about it anyways. I said, you’re the supervisor. The definition of your position means you can make decisions that are fair and just. Your employee didn’t do her job fully so you can direct my friend to go straight to the lockers since we’ve already waited 20 mins to get through the line. She refused to assist in good faith. The rest of the group sat on the side almost another hour till our friend got back in. We were all in very bad moods and didn’t much enjoy the rest of day. This is how staff here treat its guest who’s ticket and food purchases pay their salaries?

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