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My parcel has been delayed since 18th January to date reason being u have to pay custom fee of kshs 10, 000 of which I have paid more through different numbers:

1. Keneth kathia-[protected] paid kshs 6000/=
2. John Mbuya -[protected] paid kshs 4000/=
3. Unknown -[protected] paid kshs 1230/=
4. Jane Kerubo -[protected] contacted me the first time my parcel arrived in Kenya and sent me John’s number and told me to pay the custom fee then my parcel will be delivered.

Keneth kathia is the number i was sent by my friend who sent me the parcel, he has been communicating with them to
deliver the parcel but to no avail.

The agents pretend with a nigerian assent that they are the managers of skylink company, I was asked to pay kshs 45, 000 more after they scanned my parcel and saw what was inside.
I am worried my parcel is no more and they are pretending
just for me to send them more money. I have asked them where is the company so that I go there and pick my parcel but they say I cant because it was written home delivery and the office is at the port of Mombasa and another agent says they are at Moi airport.

I really need your help

Found At: Skylink Courier Delivery Company – Delayed delivery

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