Skynet Worldwide Express

I got a call from your runner I guess I dont ask for his name but I know even if I ask people can lie their name. But I got his number +[protected]. He call me to ask for direction then suddenly he mad at me for the wrong direction but surely he still in the office not area of my house because I ask him to wait at anywhere that near to him so that I can come over to pick up my parcel then he suddenly gave me excuses today is friday so I need to go to your office to pick up my parcel. Ive never met any courier service who ask me to go to their office to pick up my parcel. Usually other courier service, they call me if they couldnt find my house which is they already in my house area. I just cannot brain with your staff attitude. Very rude! Hes not apologize for his attitude at all but he ask me to understand him? Im not saying customer always right but the point here is do your job properly me as your customer im the one should be mad if you ask for direction which is that should be your job and I tried to understand your situation and I volunteer to come to the location you know that near to my house but suddenly you become the angry monster. What kind of service you gave to me? Skynet melaka and my tracking no is [protected]. He called me at 08:40 am today 28 september 2018. Ask him to apologize atleast. Thank you

Found At: Skynet Worldwide Express – rude and lazy staff who ask me to pick up my parcel at the office without any effort to send to my house.

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