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Beware of Slim4Life and their misleading practices! See my complaint to the Better Business Bureau! Shady Business! Someone should look into Slim4Life before someone gets hurt!

The reason I started this program was due to my initial phone contact with Slim4life. It was my intention to lose weight while eating “real” food as the company heavily stresses in all of their advertising. As it turns out, their focus is on selling huge quantities of their products.

I would like to make mention of Slim4life’s “medical review”. The company dresses their employees in medical scrubs which gives the impression that they are medical personnel when, in fact, they are not. Ms. Lindblom’s reference to a” medical interview” consists of clients being asked if they are healthy enough to use their program after which they sign a statement to that affect. At no time was I given a “medical exam” or made aware of such, so what is the “medical review”?

Before I knew it, I had applied for $5000 in credit with their credit program. This happened so quickly and was so fast paced that it was difficult to follow. I have been in sales for 20 years and have never encountered a program as slick as this one. It is designed to maximize the sale of the company’s products without taking the time to fully explain their contents or how the program works. Another appointment is necessary to accomplish this! At no time prior to purchase was I given a product to examine the ingredients. The products are quickly boxed and, in my case, the representative even carried them to my car.

I began to feel bad shortly after starting on Slim4life’s “Thermo-Boost”. I was feeling tired and irritable so I mentioned this to Denise . Her response to my concerns was “drink more water”. I felt my concerns were not addressed properly. On the contrary, I felt my concerns were being shrugged off.

I had a 4-day convention to attend shortly thereafter and didn’t bring any Slim4life products along. I noticed I was starting to feel better in just a day or two. This made me wonder if there was a connection. When I returned home I re-started with the products and began noticing the same tiredness and irritability, just plain feeling crappy, again! The big turn came after I began to eat a portion of Slim4life’s pudding and noticed a tightness in my throat and on my tongue. This is when I looked hard at the ingredients and found their cappuccino product also contained aspartame. I avoid products with this ingredient, but the bottom line is that when I stopped taking all of Slim4life’s products, aspartame or not, I began to feel better.

I contacted Denise at Slim4life to voice my concerns and see if there was some way to amend this situation. Before I could explain, Denise’s response was to inform me that “all sales are final” and there was “nothin I can do” “it’s outta my hands” and that she would contact someone named Joey, but she already knew what Joey would say. Needless to say, none of my concerns were ever addressed. It was all about retaining the sale. Ms. Lindblom’s statement, ” What we probably neglected to do is try to explain why our policy is what it is”, is well represented here. It is my belief that a company with integrity will do anything it takes to make sure a client is well cared for, especially when it pertains to their clients health and well-being. Arrogance and denial has no place here.

I want to make it clear that my initial complaint to the BBB included my request for a full refund and that this request is NOT an escalation due to further avoidance by Slim4life to address this in a swift and ethical manner. The amount is significant, $2, 056.99.

Further, I would like it to be known that Joey, the person I was told was an area supervisor of some type, was extremely reluctant to reveal Slim4life’s ownership when asked. She replied that she couldn’t “reveal that information at this time” and actually intentionally misled me when pressed for that information. I was finally given the name Kathryn Ott which turned out to be false. I also asked about where the products were manufactured and was never given this information. I was simply told they had many manufacturers. When I pressed her regarding this she told me she would provide me with their names…I never received this information either.

Slim4Life and their staff have made it intolerable for me to continue. I will not do business with a company that I feel is dishonest and unethical and places far more importance on their fiscal health than the physical health of their clients. A quick look at BBB complaints in both Minnesota and Colorado will illustrate the fact the company should take a long, hard look at their constrictive practices that are giving them an unsatisfactory rating even though they aren’t even BBB members. I am still asking for my original request of a full refund.

Found At: Slim 4 Life – Misleading practices

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