Today was my last attempt to discuss my account with anyone in customer service. All four reps said the same thing: “it’s in the contract”. Oh, they all claim to read the four pages of 2pt. font print of every contract they sign. My version was to ASK the sales rep the questions I wanted to know. I asked the sales rep if I could transfer service if I move to a new address because I plan to move within a year. My answer was, “yes, your service will be transferred to your new address.” He did not advise me to read the contract, nor did he say that I would have to pay $400.00 to move the system. Slomins continues to bill me each month even though I don’t even live at the address where the alarm is installed, nor is Slomins monitoring the house. PLEASE, PLEASE buy ADT the sales rep. actually explains that you must live in the home for 2 years to transfer for free and the contract is only 3 years vs Slomin’s contract which is 5 years. Plus, ADT has a wireless system, so it can be moved easily; whereas, Slomins states that since the system is “hardwired” in one house, it cannot be moved to another address. Don’t fall for the free installation; it is not free. You will pay in the long run. Look at all of the dissatisfied people on the web.

Found At: Slomin’s – don’t buy slomins security

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