SmartPay Leasing

At the end of November or early December 2021 I decided to end my service with Total Wireless. I had a lease with SmartPay for a Samsung S20. I knew I had to keep my service with Total Wireless until I paid for the phone or returned it. I chose to return it. But I needed to wait until I got a new phone. So I removed one line off my plan because that individual was no longer needing it. This happened on December 3, 2021 and I paid around $25 for this plan. I believed that kept me in compliance with the contract. When I was able to get a new phone I contacted SmartPay and advised them that I wanted to return the phone I was leasing. After a second email confirming that I wanted to return the phone I received a return label by email. That was on Christmas Eve 12/24/21. I sent the phone back via FedEx on 12/28/21. Your company received it on 12/30/21. l have a receipt showing that. On that same day your company charged me $65+ for the Total Wireless service which I had chosen a different plan but was still a customer. Numerous emails later in which my questions were answered only by boilerplate quotes I still did not get the answer I was hoping for. Then on 1/3/2022 I received an email from them that they had processed by request. But on 1/8/2022 they again took out $44.75 for a lease payment. They had the phone, they claimed to have processed it and yet they now claim that not until 1/11/2022 was it finalized and that I guess means it was taken off the web page. Quite frankly, my contract ended the day you received my phone and/or the day I received your email telling me that my request had been processed. The only answer I seem to get from your smug customer service people is “because we can.” I made every attempt to follow the contract but you apparently have crafted it so that no matter what one does you will always claim you are owed more money. I have asked time and again where did the money you took out for Total Wireless go because I had already cancelled my service. No one wants to answer that. So I have reached out to Total Wireless to let me know. This whole nightmare has not only cost the amounts I have stated above but also $64 in overdraft fees because I was not expecting it. I have all the emails from your customer service as well as a copy of the receipt from FedEx as to when it was delivered which I will send by email upon request.

Found At: SmartPay Leasing – Unethical behavior

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