I have on numerous times been in conflict with the website staff of Society6 taking down, or suspending artwork that is clearly allowed by other artists. They will never explain the real reason for the suspension other than it violates copyright laws.

Every photo I produce art with, I used from several sources that DOES NOT infringe on any copyrights. However, they do not seem to care. But yet will allow the same other members week after week, month after month, year after year, to sell artwork they will suspend on my account, claiming that I was in violation, but will allow theirs to remain for sale.

Many of the images are the exact same as the ones I submitted. In fact they have one artist that is selling an exact replica of a Bee Gees album cover (which is infringing on copyrights) to be sold.

But when they end up suspending an art piece that I created from a photo that I took myself in a parking lot one evening of a Beetlebug during Christmas time…this is where I draw the line.

Since when does a personal photo that I took become a violation of copyright laws? Yes… It is a Beetlebug, but I took the photo. I thought it was cool that one was still around. Which is why I took it, and shared it on Facebook.

Now… I will admit this was not my best work. In fact… It is kind of ugly. LOL However, it was my first attempt at digital art, and I was proud of myself at that time.

I have grown as an artist immensely since then, and had plans on upgrading my art piece, to only find that Society6 suspended it from my gallery.

The administration clearly does not know what they are doing. I am submitting a link of the suspension. Not sure if you can view it since you are not on my account. I will also submit copies of my original photo, and the art piece they suspended.

The original photo I took and posted it on Facebook on December 11, 2016. I appreciate any help you can give me.

Found At: Society6 – Suspension of a piece of art that I created using my own photo, plus allowing others to produce art that they say is a copyright infringement.

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