Dear sir,

Please take a serious action against the seller M/s. Cellcampus who have given me a country lock iPhone 6.

As you can see in the trailing mail of the order number as stated above, that the phone has purchased on 7th January 2019 and after that the phone was working perfectly fine.

Subsequent during the usage of the phone in the month of November 2019 I have noticed the phone was getting heat while using and finally registered with a complaint. The phone has handed over to the seller M/s. Cellcampus by formatting my phone.The seller has took the phone with his custody with a period of around 2 month and I feel he have not did any repair to my phone.

I have took back the phone in the month of January 2020 and further not have been used since I was using an another Samsung phone.

Today I have took the phone and fully charged and while putting the sim it’s showing an error message as shown in the screen shot. In order to clarify the reason behind the message / error I have taken the phone to a mobile shop and they advised me that the phone is locked with country lock.

Since I have bought it from Souq I completely trusted with the product shown in the list and accordingly i bought. However the phone was a country locked phone which I believe was not an original phone.

I have bought many products with Souq and not have faced any problem as currently I am facing.

So I request you to either take the phone back and refund my complete money.

Kindly take my phone back as soon as possible with your custody for further verification other than to send to the seller as I not trust them.

Found At: – Order [protected]

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