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My father used the app “”, which is basically amazon in Arab areas, to buy some packages in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
What my father thought would happen is that he would get the packages sent to him and receive it from a respectful delivery person. Unfortunately, what happened was a shocking experience.

On the day my father was eagerly waiting for his package, he got a message that said, “Dear Customer, we have called you to deliver your shipment but no response, please call back to arrange your delivery. Thanks Courier –”. Weirdly, my father didn’t get any calls. My father then talked to the guy delivering the packages to see why did that message pop in his inbox, then that guy told my father that he called my father on his cellphone and that my father didn’t answer, obviously that was a lie. My father ended up getting the packages after a couple of arguments on the phone, the delivery guy cursing, and almost hitting my father. My father ended it with the most respectable way and just sent a complaint to souq.

After a week or so, my father had another package getting shipped to his postbox. Sadly, the same guy, that delivered the last package, delivered this package. And that guy started being unrespectful and rude again. The first sentence he spat was “so, are you done complaining or what?” with a mocking but mad mood. My father didn’t reply, took the package, and sent another complaint to souq.

souq, of course, did nothing

An industry like, which is owned by, must have methods on dealing with this stuff and not just making claims with no evidence. Woefully, that was not the case with souq. Souq failed miserably in dealing with this situation and will lose more users (other than me) if they keep throwing cases of their shoulders.

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