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Hello, my name is Nicole Lester I had let South University into my checking account with Robins Credit and gave them my routing number by paying this student school debt loan. I had to do Tuition Options by letting go into my checking account by which there was insufficient funds by which they sent me a letter and tuition options for every month when I can get paid. I had to go to my bank which is Robins Credit Union by writing bad personal checks by doing a overdraft so I had to stop because Social Security really could not do direct deposit at Robins Credit Union. Since now I am at Suntrust bank I had to go back to pay more money to reopen my existing checking account by paying them a lot money for each money. Now I am putting some money in the bank that I get pay every month by which I am under SSI and Social Security. South University sent me to a collection agency called Accessible Recievable I had been given my routing number and checking account now they saying that there no insufficient funds in your checking account. The collection agency has been calling me so many times on my cellular phone and on the home phone by which they told me that I had to go get a money order or a prepaid Mastercard at CVS, Walgreeens, Walmart like I had told them that I really do have any money by which I cannot afford $13, 227.00 with a credit card I am already in debt by paying my Mastercard credit card to a attorney in Macon by paying $100.00 a month so I am totally struggling so I call South University by talking to April which was her name they took me to collection agency by paying this money back to them to come back an finish my Allied Health Sciences online program I had told that I really do not have the money right now and I also told her that I had lost my father and I am taking care of my mother that has Alzheimer’s Disease she says to me “that is all good misfortune” but you need to pay this student debt loan so what so I do closed my checking account or reopen another account because on my SociaL Security check I really get $708.00 plus my SSi which is $62.00 and I totally get my food stamps about $99.00 a month so I really need some help with matter please email me as soon as possible. [protected] I am really struggling God Bless from Nicole Lester

Found At: South University – I cannot afford $13,227.00 with a credit card or prepaid mastercard by reloading some money on it.

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