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To Whom It May Concern,
I co-signed for someone and the Village at Alafaya Club renewed the lease even after I wrote and letter and emailed advising them not to extend/renew the lease as I no longer wanted to be the guarantor for James Garvin. I asked the apartment manager before I ever signed as guarantor if at the end of the first lease if i had to continue if i did not want to be and they told me no just write a letter and send it to us and that would remove my responsiblities. Well in July of 08 when i learned that this went to collection because he renewed his contract, moved out and didn’t pay i was still responsibly. Katie Collins with Alafaya Club told me that they misinformed me and that i was not removed of my respsonsiblities as co-signer. They did not advise me that it was going to collections and by law they are suppose to give a 90 notice. Once it went to southern management in Jan 08 i did not receive any notice until July 15 08 when i got a letter in the mail. I called on July 16 08 to find out what was going on and Tracy Davis was short with me. I called and left messages on her extention several times but was never called back. I contacted them and Alafaya Club to try to get this taken care of but had no cooperation. Final on March 9 09, Abby from Southern Mgmt called me back and told me that they refused taking my payment of $40 a month. That if i could not make a payment of $100 or more than she would not accept it. She told me that it doesn’t matter that this should have been taken care of and paid off since it had been in collection for over a year. I asked if i could make any special arrangement since $40 was all that i could pay at the moment but if i could pay more later down the road that i would. She told me no. I asked to speak to a manager and she said she could not transfer me or have one call me that i would have to hang up and call the operation back to leave a message for a manager. So i did exactly that at 11:47am 3/9. Nicole (mgr) for southern mgmt called me back a few hours later and was really snotty and rude to me. She told me that she will make a note in my file that I refused to pay the bill and that she refused to take my $40/month. She asked me where I worked and why i could not make a mesely $100/month payment. She said that she has 4 kids and still could make that a month that i am very irresponsible and do not pay my bills. She told me that if i don’t pay it that i would never be able to get another apartment or place to stay because she is going to make a note to the credit agency that i refuse to pay it but yet the hole purpose of my call was to make a payment and payment arrangements which i have been trying to do since James Garvin refused to take responsibility. I don’t have a problem paying any of my bill and take full responsibility but i cannot pay all $881.75 at one time but I can pay what i can afford at the moment and it is better than not paying it at all but she said if i could pay the $100 minimum that it just will not get paid. At the time of financial depression there are not many people that just have $882 floating around in their pockets to pay for this but I am making the effort to pay it but they are not working with me. Tracy, Abby & Nicole were all very rude and disrespectful and were not willing to be helpful or speak in a professional manner. Just looking for some assistance. Thanks, Danielle Spence [protected]

Found At: Southern Management Systems LLC – Not Cooperative or Polite/Business Professional

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