Southwest Airlines

March 16, 2020

To whom it may concern:
Today I flew SW from PIT to PDX. Because of the Corona Virus, my college was closed forcing me back to my home in Oregon. Checking in at the SW counter, it was found that my two bags were overweight. The SW attendant gave me the choice of paying $110 or buying a SW duffle bag. I chose the $25 duffle bag. Repacking, I was able to lower the weight of my two checked-in bags by taking out all of my college textbooks. For the remainder of the trip – including changing flights – I dragged around a heavy duffle bag full of books along with my carry-on and purse.

I am a frequent flyer of SW. I would have expected to have mercy in a time like this. Neither planes were full. There was plenty of room. SW took advantage of a situation where they could have made it easier.

1). The plane was NOT full.
2) SW could have NOT charged.
3)It was a heavy load carrying textbooks.
4)The attendant showed no compassion.

What should have happened
1) Gave understanding as to the situation
2) Compassion during a crisis
3)Waive the fees
4)Offer to take the extra bag

FYI, I fly a lot to and from college. I have flown Alaska Airlines as well. Both SW and Alaska Airlines have been my primary travel companies. Alaska Airlines has offered to take my extra carry-ons for free in the past. Yes, even offering. Am I to now have only one primary travel company?

Hannah Doyle

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