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Warning! Southwest airlines is, without a doubt, the worst airline on planet earth! I was booked on swa #455 from lax to abq (Non-stop, mind you) leaving lax at 8:10 pm on sunday 7/22/07, arriving at 10:40 pm on sunday 7/22/07. I checked two bags at 4:15 pm after standing in line approximately one hour. Then, I stood in the tsa line for another 20 minutes to have my checked bags inspected and passed off to southwest’s baggage handlers.

When I arrived at abq and went to the appointed carousel to pick up my luggage, I was delighted to see my large bag already in the holding area outside of swa’s baggage office. I picked it up without anyone confirming whether it was my bag or not. No swa personnel were there. I later determined that swa forwarded the larger bag on an earlier flight. It appears the dakota bag (Referred to below) may have also been forwarded on an earlier flight.

Then, I noted the second bag (A very expensive dakota duffel bag) was not in the holding area. I naturally expected it to be coming out with flight 455 baggage.

It did not arrive. I can only conclude that a southwest employee stole the bag for the dvd’s in it. And, after five days of & ldquo;searching, & rdquo; southwest now says they have suspended searching.

The dakota bag cost me $325. Its contents included many personal documents with information that, in the wrong hands, could be used to steal the identities of a number of persons. The dakota bag also contained an 80 dvd zipper case, nearly full of high end late movies & ndash; something anyone would steal if not watched. I estimate the cost of the dvd’s to be not less that $900.

Yes, I must admit, I was an idiot for packing such items in a bag that had to be checked due to its size! But, give me a break & ndash; a non-stop from lax to abq – – how could such a bag possibly get lost?

I am now advised by southwest that they have & ldquo;suspended the search for my bag. & rdquo; note & ndash; swa does not scan in baggage, and therefore has no way to track baggage. They simply lie to the public about this.

Having made claim for the lost luggage, I am offered $30 for my trouble.

I offer these words of warning:

Never fly southwest airlines.
Southwest airlines hires thieves and drug addicts as baggage handlers.
Southwest airlines trains its agents to lie rather than aid in the resolution of customer complaints.
Southwest airlines is the filthiest airline in the world.
Southwest airlines has absolutely no commitment to customer satisfaction.

Southwest has the very wrong idea customers want a cute song by 18 year old flight attendant rather than competent service. Swa’s flight attendants could not recognize a fire if their own hair were ablaze!

I simply wanted to be safely transported from los angeles to albuquerque, without having the airline employees steal my baggage and its contents which were worth in excess of five times the cost of the ticket.

By the way, be sure to shower after flying & ndash;to get rid of the texas ticks that plague the plane.

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